Best-In-Class Quality Control

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors who fail to identify performance standards because we measure individual performance daily.  Our quality control systems and technologies measure each Key Performance Indicator in real-time - including weekly "no-notice" inspections of all service personnel, and automated notification of anomalies or out-of-tolerance conditions that could compromise performance if left unattended.

We make those systems transparent and fully accessible to our clients, allowing you to view the same data we see, in real time.  Therefore, if we have identified an issue, you'll see it - along with our actions to address it moving forward.  This level of discipline, transparency, and accountability is unprecedented among competitors, and provides our staff strong incentive to remain proactive and diligent on a daily basis.  Ultimatley, the success of your facility program is determined by the ability of your service provider to anticipate impending problems, and the speed at which they respond to issues that arise.


Organizationally, AmeriJan is emphatic about quality service.  We employ a multi-faceted approach to monitoring our     staff to ensure they consistently provide our clients with exceptional service and a professional representation.  We document our inspection efforts using the CleanTelligent System, a mobile software application allowing AmeriJan's Quality Control Inspectors to report real-time results of all inspections.


We utilize ExpressTime, a software application that not only schedules all staff to ensure that there are no conflicts, but also validates each employee assigned to a property to ensure that staff meets all service requirements.

Quality assurance


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Integrated Systems

AmeriJan offers you the confidence of choosing a service provider with exceptional organizational experience, a significant presence, and best in class quality control systems.

Complimented by our commercial property orientation, distinctive training, and long-term relationships, we are uniquely poised to provide your properties with unparalleled services.  Originally designed for our clients who operate with uncompromising quality control standards, these systems have received acclaim for providing transparency regarding janitorial operations and delivering an unprecedented level of quality assurance and accountability.