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AmeriJan is a leading service organization, dedication to creating a winning service experience for our clients.  Our core capabilities include janitorial services, retail floor care programs, carpet care, restroom sanitation systems and general building maintenance services.


AmeriJan has earned the collective trust and confidence of its customers to retain business exclusively and create new opportunities. Our clients include some of America's most respected companies and Fortune 500 corporations.

AmeriJan excels in an increasingly competitive marketplace where clients expect their service providers to be informed and motivated.  AmeriJan understands the building maintenance industry and our clients' long-term objectives.  As a result, we are able to offer uniquely tailored services to support our goals.  This orientation is embedded in our training and operational protocols, and results in value-added services that contributes to Net Operational Income (NOI), including inspections and energy conservation.

AmeriJan is the preferred provider of many clients due to our ability to understand your facility requirements.  Our core philosophy is to deliver solutions that create efficient, productive, comfortable, healthy and safe environments.  We focus on the quality of the service, staff selection, training and safety procedures.  We also understand the importance of establishing a very close working relationship with our clients.  Our structured approach reflects our experience and commitment to professional and outstanding customer service.


About Us

America's Janitorial Company

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Chief Operating Officer

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Our Mission

Distinctive Expertise

We specialize in facility services and building maintenance solutions to fit any service requirements.  We deliver a level of service and expertise that is simply unparalleled by other providers.  Our executive team and operational managers offer significant experience and first-hand knowledge of facility operations.

Exceptional Responsiveness

Unlike our competitors, we offer an organizational structure that provides direct access and involvement of our Executive Team, Managers and Supervisors.  This streamlined structure provides direct line of communication and short escalation paths for our clients and operational teams. 


Best-In-Class Quality Control

We distinguish ourselves from our competitors who fail to identify performance standards because we measure individual performance daily.  Our quality control systems and technologies measure each Key Performance Indicator in real time - including weekly "no-notice" inspections of all service personnel, and automated notification of anomalies or out-of-tolerance conditions.  


Outstanding Staff Selection & Retention

We're remarkably selective about who provides service in our client's buildings, with a demanding screening program that approves only the best job applicants. Successful applicants are trained not only in safety, cleaning practices, procedures and expectations, but also how to provide added value to property management and ownership's business performance goals.